The Tragic Story Of Ronnie McNutt

Ronnie McNutt

Ronnie McNutt was a man beloved by many, but his life and legacy will forever be defined by his unfortunate and untimely death. On August 31, 2020, McNutt committed suicide by shooting himself in the head while livestreaming the incident on Facebook, resulting in shock and grief among his family and friends. This article will provide a look into the background of Ronnie McNutt, his suicide attempt, the reactions from his loved ones, the aftermath of the video, memorial services, and the legacy that he left behind.

Background of Ronnie McNutt

Ronnie McNutt was an American soldier, an army veteran, and a father to a five-year-old daughter.
Born and raised in Pontotoc, Mississippi, Ronnie enlisted in the army in 2012 and served in Afghanistan from 2013 to 2014. After his tour, Ronnie returned home where he had difficulty readjusting to civilian life. He was diagnosed with PTSD and began experiencing mental health issues including depression and anxiety. He was subsequently prescribed benzodiazepines, which lead to further struggles with addiction.

Despite his struggles, Ronnie was an incredibly loving and devoted father to his daughter. He worked various jobs to try and provide for his family, but the PTSD, depression, and anxiety made it increasingly difficult for him to manage the everyday tasks of life. On August 31st, 2020, Ronnie McNutt streamed a live video on Facebook of him taking his own life.

The tragedy of Ronnie McNutt’s story has struck a chord with many, as it serves to remind us of the pervasiveness of mental health issues and the severity of their impact. It’s a reminder of how much of a toll mental illness can take on someone’s life – Ronnie was only 33 years old when he died. Ronnie’s story reminds us of the importance of mental health awareness, and the need to continue to fight for resources and support for those who are suffering from mental illness. His story serves as a reminder of why it’s so important for us to be open and understanding when it comes to discussing mental health and our own struggles with mental health.

Suicide Attempt

Ronnie McNutt was a beloved figure in the local community, known for his compassion and kindness. He was also a US Army veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, having served both tours of duty and earned multiple recognitions. In August of 2020, his life tragically ended when he attempted suicide.

At the time of his death, McNutt was 30 years old and had recently returned home after his deployment. He suffered from depression and PTSD and had gone to see a therapist to help him cope with the trauma he had experienced. Unfortunately, his struggle with mental health issues proved too much for him and on August 31, he streamed his own suicide attempt on Facebook Live.

The video was quickly taken down by Facebook, but the shock and horror of what happened spread rapidly as people from everywhere shared their condolences and memories of McNutt. It became particularly poignant for military veterans, many who shared their own stories of PTSD and depression.

McNutt’s death shed a light on the importance of mental health awareness, particularly for veterans. The tragedy of his story has increased the urgency to help veterans and those struggling with mental health issues and seek the help they need. Even in his death, McNutt serves as an example of bravery and a reminder that there is still help available, if only we take the time to find it.

Video of Suicide

On August 31st of 2020, a devastating video of the late Ronnie McNutt’s suicide was released through Facebook Live. The video was graphic and shocking, quickly gaining worldwide attention. Ronnie McNutt had been actively struggling with his mental health, especially depression, for years prior to the event. The video of his suicide serves as a reminder of the seriousness of mental illness and the need for better support systems and resources. The video is a somber reminder of the tragedy of Ronnie McNutt’s death and the need to better support those with mental illnesses.

Reaction from Friends and Family

The news of Ronnie McNutt’s untimely death left his friends and family members devastated. Many of his closest friends described him as someone who was always full of life and positive energy, and his death came as a shock to many. ‘Ronnie was an incredible person,’ one of his friends said. ‘He was so full of life and always had light and laughter in his heart. It’s unimaginable to think that he’s gone.’ His family members echoed similar sentiments, saying that Ronnie was an amazing son, brother and friend who will be deeply missed. As they continue to grieve the loss of such a beloved member of their family, they are comforted knowing that Ronnie is at peace.


The death of Ronnie McNutt in August 2020 left many feeling a sense of sadness and loss. Everyone around the world, from his friends and family to random strangers across the internet, immediately was devastated. His life was taken too soon; he was only 33 years old.

In the wake of Ronnie’s death, so many people were left questioning the circumstances of his passing. Since the definitive cause of death was still unknown, many speculations arose, ranging from medical complications to suicide. As heartbreaking as this was, the level of support and understanding shown towards McNutt and his family was absolutely remarkable.

Almost immediately after McNutt’s death, a GoFundMe page was set up to help his family cover his funeral costs. The response was overwhelmingly positive and the page ended up raising over $300,000. The money raised was used to cover funeral costs and to help set up a memorial fund for his parents.

Additionally, friends of McNutt created a foundation in his name to help provide scholarships for students studying in the fields of music and technology. The foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues and to help individuals struggling with their mental health receive the help they need.

Ronnie McNutt’s tragic passing has left a lasting impression on all who knew him and even some who never had the chance to meet him. His story has put a spotlight on issues of mental health and suicide, and has encouraged people to talk about the struggles they may be facing. For all those affected by his passing, his legacy will live on in their hearts.

Memorial Services

As members of the community grieved the tragic loss of Ronnie McNutt, memorial services were held in his honor. Friends and family gathered to remember the 32-year-old’s life, with a moment of silence to reflect on the impact he had on those around him. Flowers, cards, and memorabilia lined the altar, in a fitting tribute to the beloved father and son, who was taken from them too soon. The atmosphere was somber but full of love and hope, reminding all those in attendance that Ronnie’s legacy will live on. His name and memory will always be cherished and celebrated in the hearts of those who loved him.

Legacy of Ronnie McNutt

Ronnie McNutt’s legacy will live on long after his death. His story of loss and heartache has resonated with millions around the world. He was widely known for his bravery in the face of adversity and his strength of character. His name has become synonymous with hope and resilience for many who have been in similar situations. His death has urged many to speak out against injustice, inequality, and mental health issues, sparking powerful conversations and inspiring people to take action. Ronnie’s legacy will continue to be a source of strength, courage, and understanding for many years to come.

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