An Insight Into The Music Of Nitara Kumar

Nitara Kumar

Nitara Kumar is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter who is taking the music world by storm. Her unique and soulful take on alternative indie music has captivated audiences all over the world. In this article, we will explore the musical journey of Nitara Kumar and the success she has achieved so far. We will look at her early life, her musical style, her collaborations, her live performances, and her albums. Plus, we will explore her two most acclaimed singles ‘I am Nitara’ and ‘Life is a Journey’. So come along as we take an in-depth look at the music of Nitara Kumar.

Music of Nitara Kumar

Nitara Kumar is an Indian composer and singer-songwriter whose work spans multiple genres, including classical, folk, and pop music. Her music is a unique blend of Indian culture, modern production techniques, and original melodies and lyrics. Her music is characterized by beautiful melodies, textured instrumentation, and subtle orchestration. It has been described as a mix of traditional and modern, a blending of genres and styles.

Nitara is a self-taught musician and composer, beginning her musical career in 2010 as part of the film industry. She started as a backing vocalist for various films, and quickly developed a deep interest in music composition. Since then, she has gone on to compose for multiple films, TV shows, and stage productions. Her music has been featured in many films, including Kal Ho Naa Ho, I Am Kalam, and My Name is Khan.

Nitara has composed and performed many of her own songs, often focusing on themes of empowerment, female strength, and freedom. Her songs often highlight the beauty of Indian culture and Indian heritage, exploring the diversity of the Indian diaspora and its societies. Her style of writing and music production is both diverse and consistent, showcasing her insightfulness, empathy, and passion for her craft.

Nitara has released two albums, Jeevan and Raise Your Voice, both of which received critical acclaim. Her music has received international recognition, with her songs being featured in the Indian film industry, international films, and on international radio stations. She has performed at several festivals and events all over the world, including the prestigious Mumbai World Music Festival.

Nitara is an artist who has been able to successfully navigate between different genres of music, blending traditional and modern influences to create her unique sound. Her combination of emotions and intellect, her understanding of traditional and modern music, and her ability to capture a unique sound make Nitara Kumar one of the most exciting and influential composers and performers in India today.

Early Life

Nitara Kumar is an Indian classical vocalist and composer who has achieved immense success in the music industry. Born and raised in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Nitara started studying music at a very early age, learning the basics of Hindustani classical vocal from her mother. She went on to develop a deep understanding and passion for music, and started to extend her repertoire to include folk and Carnatic music. At the age of 14, she had her first public performance singing at a local temple.

Nitara went on to enter the renowned music college Dagar Gharana in Jaipur, where she studied under the tutelage of her uncle, the renowned vocalist Pandit Jyoti Gopal. Her musical training in this period heavily influenced her musical style, which combines traditional classical techniques with modern musical elements.

Despite being only 18 years old, Nitara has already gained recognition as a gifted musician. Her music has been praised by critics and fans alike, and she has performed at numerous prestigious festivals and concerts, including the Mysore Festival and the annual Sawai Gandharva Festival in Pune. Nitara has also released several popular albums, the most successful of which has sold more than two million copies worldwide.

Nitara continues to pursue her passion for music, and is currently based in Mumbai. Her music combines elements of Indian classical music with contemporary western music, creating a unique sound that reflects her passion and love for music. Her lyrics are thought provoking, and her voice is powerful and moving. Nitara is an inspirational figure for many aspiring musicians and is a testament to the possibilities available to those who pursue music with passion and dedication.

Musical Style

Nitara Kumar’s music is an eclectic mix of genres ranging from traditional Indian classical music to ballads, rock, pop, jazz, and EDM. Her music draws from a variety of influences, blending these genres together to create a unique and captivating sound. Nitara’s lyrics often focus on themes of love, courage, and social justice. With her smooth, soulful vocals and strong, yet subtle instrumental arrangements, Nitara creates a sound that has been described as both “groundbreaking” and “timeless”.

Nitara’s music has its roots in the traditional Indian classical music she was exposed to at an early age. This foundation is evident in her unique approach to rhythm and phrasing. Her classical background allows her to craft complex and intricate melodies that provide the perfect backdrop to her lyrical masterpieces. Nitara’s music often transitions seamlessly between passages of classical Indian music and those of modern musical styles, creating an immersive and captivating listening experience.

Nitara’s music is further distinguished by its strong jazz elements. She incorporates jazz sensibilities into her music by playing around with traditional Indian rhythms and introducing unusual chord progressions and unconventional harmonic structures. Nitara’s jazz-influenced style has been embraced by a wide range of fans, from classical music connoisseurs to contemporary music lovers.

The combination of Nitara’s classical roots, jazz influence and modern musical styles has resulted in a sound that is both innovative and familiar. While her music may draw inspiration from a variety of genres, it is unmistakably Nitara’s and carries her unique artistic vision. Nitara’s music is sure to leave listeners in awe with its beautiful melodies and inspiring lyrics.


The unique and versatile sound of Nitara Kumar has been gaining recognition in the music industry ever since she debuted in 2017. Nitara has collaborated with several artists over the years, creating musical magic through her voice and music.

One of Nitara’s most notable collaborations was with singer-songwriter and producer Charlie Puth for his single “We Don’t Talk Anymore”. This collaboration brought the two together for two years, during which time Nitara worked on a variety of wonderful projects, including recording sessions and live shows. To Nitara, the most rewarding part of the experience was that it allowed her to connect with a larger audience and to share her music with the world.

Nitara has also collaborated with international artists such as John Legend, Terence Blanchard, and Hiatus Kaiyote. Together, they crafted a unique, soulful sound that grabbed the attention of music lovers around the world. Nitara lent her voice to each of these collaborations, creating melodies and harmonies that made them stand out.

In addition to her collaborations, Nitara has also contributed to various projects as a featured artist. Her contributions have been sought after not only by major record labels, but also by independent artists who want to work with her unique sound. The most recent of these collaborations was with French artist KRS-One, which resulted in the album “The Movement”.

Nitara has also collaborated with several up-and-coming artists, including Toronto singer-songwriter dvsn, singer-songwriter Charlotte Day Wilson, and rapper K’naan. Her collaborations with these artists have helped to bridge the gap between different genres of music, creating an eclectic blend of sounds.

Nitara Kumar’s collaborations have allowed her to work with many great artists and to explore her own unique sound. She has also been able to reach a broad audience and her music has been embraced by fans and critics alike. With each collaboration, Nitara has pushed herself to new levels, creating innovative and captivating sounds.

Live Performances

Live performances are an integral part of the music of Nitara Kumar and her presence on stage is nothing short of captivating. Kumar has performed at some of the most prestigious venues around the world, including The Barbican Centre in London, The Sydney Opera House and Carnegie Hall in New York. Audiences have been enthralled by her extraordinary musicianship and captivated by her vibrant stage presence.

Nitara Kumar’s live performances are often a combination of classical Indian ragas and original compositions. During these performances, she weaves complex ragas and intricate melodies together into a masterpiece of live improvisation. Kumar is also highly skilled at creatively varying her performances to accommodate the tastes of her audience. Various genres of music, including jazz, folk, and world music, are blended to create an impressive musical experience.

Kumar is also known for her innovative collaborations with other musicians and artists. Often, Kumar will collaborate with musicians on stage in order to create unique and captivating musical moments. These collaborations often result in a dynamic and exciting exchange between performers that can be both unexpected and mesmerizing.

To achieve her unique sound, Kumar utilizes a variety of instruments. Primarily, she is an accomplished sitar player, but she also plays the harmonium, the tanpura, and the tabla. Kumar’s approach to playing the sitar allows her to explore various rhythms, tones, and textures. This ensures that her live performances are always constantly changing and always full of surprises.

Live performances by Nitara Kumar are always a truly captivating experience. Her combination of classical Indian ragas, original compositions, and innovative collaborations creates a unique and immersive musical experience. Kumar’s passionate and energetic performances are not to be missed.


Nitara Kumar is an acclaimed Indian singer and pianist, who is known for her unique brand of contemporary classical and jazz music. Her albums have been praised for their fusion of traditional and modern styles, and she is considered to be one of India’s most talented singers and pianists. Over the years, Kumar has released several albums, and each one has its own distinct flavor. Here is a look at some of her most popular albums.

The first album by Nitara Kumar is entitled, ‘The Beginning’. This album is an eclectic mix of jazz, classical and fusion music, and is an excellent introduction to Kumar’s soundscapes. Some of the standout tracks on this album include ‘Dreaming’ and ‘Journey of the Heart’. This album has been praised by critics for its unique blend of Indian and international influences.

Kumar’s second album, ‘Song of the Soul’, features a selection of spiritual and uplifting songs. The music on this record is a combination of traditional Indian and Middle Eastern music, which creates a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere. Some of the highlights of this album include ‘Rain of Peace’ and ‘A Whisper of Heaven’.

The third album released by Nitara Kumar is called ‘Twilight’. This album is full of serene, gentle melodies that transport the listener to a world of peace and beauty. Most of the tracks on this album are instrumental, but there are a few vocal performances that provide even more depth to the music. Some of the standout tracks on this album include ‘Enchanted’, ‘Illumination’ and ‘Silence’.

The fourth album released by Nitara Kumar is the award-winning ‘Unison’. This album features some of the most dynamic and energetic performances of Kumar’s career. Here, she blends elements of classical music, jazz and world music to create something that is truly unique and uplifting. Some of the standout tracks on this album include ‘Unison’, ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Dance of the Fireflies’.

Finally, Nitara Kumar’s most recent album is entitled ‘Echoes of the Heart’. This album is a reflection of Kumar’s innermost thoughts and feelings, and is full of beautiful, heartfelt melodies. Some of the standout tracks on the album include ‘Reflections of Love’, ‘The Wind and the Sea’ and ‘Echoes in the Night’.

‘I am Nitara’

For singer-songwriter Nitara Kumar, music has been a source of solace, providing a comforting and inspiring presence in her life. Growing up in India, she was surrounded by traditional music styles like Hindustani classical, Carnatic classical, and Sufi music; her parents were passionate about music and allowed her to explore a variety of musical genres.

Kumar developed her musical talent and started writing songs at a young age. She was particularly inspired by her favorite singer, Lata Mangeshkar, who encouraged her to focus on her music and write her own songs. The combination of traditional and modern styles that Kumar created in her music has helped her stand out from the crowd and make an impact on the music scene.

Kumar released her debut album, I am Nitara, in 2019. The album has been praised by critics, with many noting its refreshing sound. I am Nitara is an intimate exploration of Kumar’s musical identity, showcasing her unique vocal style and songwriting approach. The album features a mix of traditional and modern musical elements, blending traditional Hindustani classical and Sufi music with contemporary pop and EDM.

I am Nitara features a mix of original compositions and reinterpreted traditional songs. Kumar’s original tracks, such as “Mere Sapne”, “Yaadon Ka Safar” and “Jhoom”, are deeply personal and reflective of her sense of identity. The album also contains reimagined interpretations of traditional Indian songs, such as “Rang De Basanti Chola”, “Chandni Raat Hai”, and “Pag Ghunghroo”, that explore topics such as love, longing, and identity.

Kumar has been applauded for her fresh take on traditional Indian music. Her music speaks to a wide audience, with fans from all over the world connecting with her songs. Her music has also been featured in films, such as Shubh Mangal Cyodha Saavdhaan and Padmaavat, and television shows, such as Little Things and Sacred Games.

‘Life is a Journey’

Nitara Kumar is an Indian singer-songwriter who has captivated audiences around the world with her unique sound and inspiring lyrics. Her music reflects her Hindu faith and culture, drawing heavily on the devotional songs of her homeland while also incorporating elements of jazz, blues and world music. Her most recent release, ‘Life is a Journey’, is a perfect representation of her artistry. Kumar’s lyrics are particularly noteworthy, exploring the concept of life as a never-ending journey and finding our purpose along the way.

‘Life is a Journey’ is a captivating track that starts with a simple guitar riff before Kumar’s powerful yet delicate vocals enter the frame. Her voice carries the song, as she sings about the importance of understanding our own life’s journey in order to truly find our true selves. The track has a meditative feel that is reminiscent of traditional Indian devotional music, as Kumar urges us to take the time to reflect and gain clarity on our lives.

The song’s production is also notable, as it features an orchestral string section and various subtle electronic elements that all blend flawlessly together. This supports Kumar’s lyrics perfectly, with each instrument and sound acting as an essential part of the overall musical journey. Kumar’s voice is also very emotive, as she reflects on the ups and downs of life and encourages us to ‘go that extra mile’ and find our true purpose.

Overall, Nitara Kumar’s ‘Life is a Journey’ is an inspiring and uplifting track that reflects her Hindu faith and culture and speaks to the importance of understanding our own life’s journey. Whether you’re looking for a moment of clarity, or just want to lose yourself in the music, this track is sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

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